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IFML, the Interaction Flow Modeling Language, is ready to go


Thanks to WebRatio, the first international standard in user interaction and front end modeling is now a reality. Indeed, IFML 1.0, the Interaction Flow Modeling Language has been  adopted by the Object Management Group in March 2014 during the technical meeting in Reston, VA, USA on 27th march.

IFML and WebRatio Featured in IEEE “Internet Computing” Magazine

You may have read in the WebRatio news that  IEEE Computer Society (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has published the article “Web Modeling Languages Strike Back” signed by Gustavo Rossi, on the IFML history and adoption by the Object Management

Invited post on WebML / WebRatio and Social Web apps on blog

Just a quick note for announcing that on the well known blog, curated by Jordi Cabot, you can find an invited post of mine on  modeling social-networking enabled Web applications. The post presents a proposal for going from requirement specification (defined as goal-oriented models)

A new guide for model-driven engineering and development

If you are a newbie in model-driven engineering or if you are seeking for a more broad and comprehensive vision on the MDE / MDD, you may be interested in a new agile book titled Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice, authored by

WebRatio and Bruce Silver teamed up for BPMN Validation

As you noticed recently, WebRatio is delving more and more in the problem of supporting users in designing their business processes and executing them on the Web without any programming knowledge and without the need of spending huge amount of

Interaction Flow Modeling Language RFP: first cornerstone towards the standardization of WebML

We finally make it! After 9 months of participation to the OMG meetings, intensive interactions with stakeholders, and interesting feedback from big vendors and users (including IBM, Microsoft, Thales, NoMagic, SoftTeam, and others), OMG issued the official request for proposal

WebRatio meets Bruce Silver (and vice versa)

It’s always a pleasure when someone speaks positively about WebRatio spontaneously.  It’s even better if that person is someone of noted significance in the market. I am speaking of Bruce Silver, an independent professional, considered to be one of the

10 years of WebRatio: thinking about our path to industrialization

Today we celebrate 10 years of WebRatio: this is a good occasion for thinking about the path that led from a university research project to a recognized modeling language (WebML) and a solid, industrialized version of a toolsuite (WebRatio). The

A new book chapter on WebML, BPMN, and Social BPM

Together with Piero Fraternali and Carmen Vaca Ruiz I’ve recently written the chapter “A Model-driven Approach to Social BPM Applications“, published in the Social BPM Handbook. The book is published by Future Strategies in association with the Workflow Management Coalition

WebML going mainstream? The path to standardization

As a scientific advisor of Web Models I have been asked to join the standardization effort of WebML within OMG. In this post on my personal blog you may find a quick report on the first step in this process