WebRatio meets Bruce Silver (and vice versa)

It’s always a pleasure when someone speaks positively about WebRatio spontaneously.  It’s even better if that person is someone of noted significance in the market.

I am speaking of Bruce Silver, an independent professional, considered to be one of the best experts in the BPM sector and in particular, expert on BPMN and author of the famous book BPMN Method and Style. His fame was already noted quite some time ago.  We ourselves studied his book to implement BPMN editor and the corresponding application generator in WebRatio.

In the recent BPMN workshop in Lucerne, I met Bruce Silver in the hallways. Bruce had just finished his lecture in which, among other things, he demonstrated his ”BPMN Validation Tool”, created with the idea of validating BPMN diagrams with respect to the rules of standard notation and to his rules “of style”. These tools were also available online but Bruce wasn’t 100% satisfied with the robustness of that solution which he himself had adopted until that moment.  For this reason, I proposed to Bruce to deliver his validators online using WebRatio.


As you can imagine we were excited to put ourselves to the test and anxious to know how it came out.  I am reporting to you the words of Bruce Silver taken directly from his blog.

“At the Lucerne workshop, Marco Brambilla of Politecnico di Milano and founder of a company called WebRatio made a presentation on WebRatio’s rapid model-driven approach to generating web applications integrated with BPMN.  After the meeting, Marco contacted me and offered to replace my creaky web app with one generated by WebRatio.  While I was thinking about it, he emailed me to say, “We’ve already done it, and here is the URL.”  I don’t know how WebRatio did it exactly – I provided no information about either my XSLT or the web app surrounding it -but it works great!””

Thanks for the compliment Bruce, we are very pleased.  This is our way of doing things!

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  1. If you want to try the BPMN Validator please check this link, it’s really great!


  2. WebRatio meets Bruce Silver (and vice versa) http://t.co/YDzqtR0y via @AddThis

  3. #WebRatio meets Bruce Silver (and vice versa) http://t.co/8BrHyS0j #BPMN

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